My school

My school

I go to Marijonas Daujotas Progymnasium and I’m in 8B grade. There are 28 students in my class and they are very friendly.
My school is pretty big, because there are around 800 students in whole school. It has almost 50 classrooms, 7 in every floor. We also have two computer rooms, where you can surf the net or have interactive lessons! In our school you can find a place that most of the lower grade kids use in their free time, it’s like a playground, but there aren’t any slides or swings, so usually kids play tag or just hide and seek.
There is a library in the second floor as well, it’s not really big, but I’m okay with that, because you can find many interesting books!
Students have many after class activities, in short – clubs. You can do whatever you like in those clubs: sing, dance, join acting or arts or even become a young journalist!
I usually have 6 to 7 lessons in a day, I hate Tuesdays, because we have the most difficult lessons on that day. I study many subjects like math, chemistry, Russian , English , history, physics and more. My favourite subjects are chemistry and music, because the way our teachers spend time on making lessons much more fun is actually amazing! I don’t really like math and P.E though… Math is kind of too difficult for me to understand,also P.E is very tiring.
We have to wear uniforms at school every day. Although, I wish that we could wear anything we want, I don’t really have any problems while wearing the uniform. The most used style of the uniform is hoodie, it’s very comfortable.
We mustn’t smoke, talk back to the teachers or use our phones during lessons and if you do, bad things happen.


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